Three projects (5 teams) have been selected for the Cancer Innovation and Improvement Programme. We are delighted to be working with you and your team to try, test and put forward your innovation for rapid adoption across Wales where appropriate.

Thank you for applying and joining us. Your programme site is now ready. Please log in if you have been successfully take part in the Programme.

The Cancer Innovation and Improvement Programme is a collaboration between the Wales Cancer Network, the Bevan Commission and the innovation leads/partners across Wales.

A 4 to 12 month programme: You will be working with the Bevan Commission and innovation partners receiving support to complete your project within 12 months.

Funding available: A total fund of £100k has been available to support around 5 projects which could cover a range of costs associated with delivering the project including staff time.

Staying focussed: We are looking to solve the current problems and meet the challenges of delivering outstanding patient care as a result of the pandemic (and through the disruptions caused by it).

For more information, please contact the Bevan Commission Team.